5-Day-Course: Massive Transformation progress within the shortest possible time!

How Would You Like To Make Real Impact with your Company by Rediscovering Your Brand, Redefining Your Story And Making Customers Remember You?

Without Losing Money On Expensive Agencies or Consultants?

With Henk Schepens
This course is guaranteed to get you real results
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Connect with your ideal customer

Reshape your brand purpose

Clarify your message to your audience

how to build your business on purpose
What You'll learn in this course:
TOOLS to CONNECT on a deeper level with your PURPOSE
​Video-Training: Henk personally will record all of the principles and systems he learned and used on his journey to build and grow successful brands and include them into this exclusive & comprehensive training. You will get to understand how story works and why it is so powerful to connect with your highest purpose before using all the compelling communication techniques. 

 5-Day-Course: Massive Transformation progress within the shortest possible time!

STEP-BY-STEP-system to get CLARITY in your MESSAGING
A proven filter to clarify all of your marketing material. You'll learn about all the communication channels and what impact they make in your customer journey. On top of that you will learn how to use these channels the right way to make your story clear, authentic and consistant. 

Learn a proven communication system that has been used in thousands of successful marketing campaigns. Apply this framework to your company’s messaging including websites, email blasts, keynotes and even elevator pitches. We will help you create compelling messaging that stands out and make customers connect with your brand.

henk schepens

"It needs to come from the heart with a real understanding of people's pain points rather than a quick campaign done by an agency."


Building a real brand that customers love comes down to understanding four things:

1) How can i improve peoples life and make a real impact?

2) Who are you trying to help and where can i find them?

3) What is the better future they are dreaming of if they
buy my products or services?

4) How can you show them a bridge that they will trust 
to walk towards their better future?

Building a performant sales machine is one thing...
But how many of these customers are you bringing back? 

Building a brand is building human connections

Only with the right mindset and proven systems in place, 

it will work, let me help you...


⭐ Have a clearly defined brand + message that attracts the perfect audience for your business.

⭐ Feel clear, purposeful, and confident in the value you provide and excited to connect with your audience.

⭐ Actually ENJOY showing up on Instagram because you know what to post and your audience responds to everything you share.

⭐ And of course, have a brand that your audience is excited to buy and finally be one of those people bragging about getting sales while you sleep!

learn how to grow your business on purpose instead of short term results

The normal price will be € 297 
but for the first roll-out your investment is only € 97!!



Henk is a serial entrepreneur active in the digital media industry for +16 years. He helped many fortune 500 companies grow online and founded several companies with a focus on developing the market for web technology solutions and consultancy services to help companies to understand the importance of the internet as an indispensable branding and sales channel.

With the risks and uncertainties that we have allowed to emerge at the fringes of these innovations, Henk started to study entrepreneurs benefiting from this digital life trend and why some succeed and others don’t.  And most importantly he started studying himself and learned how everything in life and business is connected.

Mind - Body - Relationships - Purpose - Business - Brands

Henk's mission today is to help product owners (re)discover their purpose in business and life, and connect deeper with their story. He does that by teaching brandfulness technics that help to clarify their message and combines that with digital strategies to impact the world for the better.


"Experience The Biggest Leap In Your Impact Business "

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